An In-Depth Look

Hip or knee pain can make it increasingly difficult to get things done and enjoy activities with family and friends. Typically caused by osteoarthritis and other degenerative chronic conditions, joint pain often gets worse over time. When joints “wear out”, normal, every-day movements like standing up, bending and walking become extremely difficult.

If you’re suffering from extreme pain and limited mobility and non-surgical treatment options have not helped, it may be time to talk with your primary care physician about joint replacement surgery. We encourage you to also talk with your doctor about the advanced surgery option now offered at Cache Valley Hospital.   

Robotic-arm assisted surgery is an innovative solution for those suffering with painful degeneration of hip and knee joints. Utilizing this technology, our specially trained orthopedic surgeons can help you to enjoy pain relief and return to the lifestyle you love — faster.

Why robotic-arm assisted surgery?

What sets this minimally invasive surgical approach apart is the reduced impact on you, the patient. The robotic-arm enables the smallest incision possible, which can decrease recovery time at the hospital and during the initial weeks after surgery.  

More Benefits

  • Minimalizes trauma to healthy bone and tissue
  • More accurate placement and alignment of hip and partial knee replacements
  • Optimal joint implant positioning results in a more natural feeling hip or knee post-surgery
  • Many patients report being able to return to normal daily activities shortly after surgery
  • Decreased risk of joint dislocation over time

How it Works

  • Patients undergo a special CT-scan
  • Our surgeons use the CT-scan image and the robotic-arm surgery system’s 3-D modeling capabilities to precisely plan joint replacement surgeries
  • Using the 3-D images of the individual’s actual hip or knee, our orthopedic surgeons customize each surgery plan before the patient arrives at the surgery center
  • During the procedure, our specialists combine their surgical expertise with the robotic-arm technology to precisely place and align the joint replacement
  • Using this innovative surgery system, our surgeons can more accurately replace only the damaged areas of hip and knee joints, preserving healthy bone and tissue

Our Certified Surgical Team

Our surgeons are specially trained and certified to perform joint replacement surgery with the robotic-arm assisted surgery system. 

Now, It’s Your Move

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