Cache Valley Hospital - April 07, 2017
by By Jill Lash, RN, BSN – Childbirth Educator at MountainStar Healthcare

Giving birth to a newborn is perhaps one of the most amazing things you will ever do. You’ve waited 9 months to meet your little bundle of joy, but first come the labor and delivery part. Here are some things your labor and delivery nurses want you to know as you prepare for baby’s birth day.

We’re on Your Side:

Your labor and delivery nurse is your advocate. We want what you want, a healthy baby and safe delivery. Our job is to help your labor progress smoothly and safely, while incorporating the type of labor process you’ve been hoping and planning for. We’re here to listen to you, hold your hand, and get you through the miraculous process of childbirth. We’re with you from those early contractions to that moment when you hear baby’s first cry. Trust us and let us help you!

Expect the Unexpected:

Rarely does the labor and delivery process go 100% as planned. Every woman has certain expectations of how she’d like her labor and delivery process to go, and we try as hard as we can to make that happen. Sometimes there are bumps along the way however, and if you have an open mind, then when the unexpected happens, you’re more prepared. It’s best to have a plan in mind, but also be open to change if needed.

We’ve Seen it All:

Please don’t worry about what your nurses will see during your labor and delivery process. We’ve truly seen it all and it’s simply part of our job. We see women when they are exposed and vulnerable. We assist you during childbirth, change your gown, assist you to the bathroom, wipe up blood, catch throw up, change peri pads, collect your urine, and even clean up bowel movements. And we still love what we do! Don’t feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, or self-conscious around your nurse, we are here to help you in every way.

It Never Gets Old:

We may assist with deliveries day in, day out, but it never gets old! No two deliveries are exactly the same, so each day brings something new and adventurous. It’s a privilege to be a part of your labor and delivery experience, and being present in the room when your family welcomes a new member is both our pleasure and joy. We want your labor and delivery day to be a memorable, treasured experience that you will look back on with contentment.

Now that you know some of our inside tips and advice, just sit back, put up your feet, and know that we’ve got your back when the big day arrives!